So, what is this? It’s where I will be dropping updates on projects, ideas, whatever I’m currently working on that I want to share. Hopefully this will give me some motivation to finish more of the projects that I start, rather than losing them to the folders I fear to open.

I might as well start with the project I’ve been picking away at in my spare time for the last week – Simple Soccer.

Simple Soccer logo

The game is… simple. It’s a local multiplayer soccer game that throws out basically everything you would find in a conventional soccer game. The player can kick the ball, and they can dash. That’s it. You want to score more goals than the other team before time runs out. The idea that spawned this project was to make something approximately complete in as little time as possible without sacrificing too much in the way of polish or quality.

I plan on including every country from the world cup, plus Canada. Each team will have it’s own “uniform” to represent them on the field (or pitch if you’re from anywhere with culture). The end goal for the project is to put it on sale for a very small fee, as ideally the time investment for the project will likewise be very small. Right now I’m thinking of releasing it on Steam, but might also be a suitable destination for a project so small. I’ve put more thought into the minimal interpretations of the country flags than the commercial aspect – so we’ll see what happens.

Whats left? All sorts of things; mouse + keyboard can’t control the menus or the players, there are no sounds, and the game doesn’t reset the position of the ball or the players when a goal is scored etc. Luckily these sorts of additions aren’t a massive undertaking, so I hope the timeline for this project will remain condensed enough that I’ll actually finish it.