Simple Soccer is getting slowly and incrementally a little less simple. It’s still a very simple game – run, kick, slide, and I’m avoiding anything that might ruin that core experience. However I’m trying to add anything that I think will add to this experience with out directly interacting with it. In no particular order I’ve added:

  • Weather (so far I only have rain and I’m having trouble sorting out firestorms and tornadoes)
  • Sudden Death Overtime
  • Variable match length
  • A jerk referee
  • Shirtless box people

I take some of these features out for a spin in the video below.

One feature that didn’t make it into 1.2 was the crowd. I wanted to have a bunch of excited fans wearing jerseys of the two teams playing. The problem was that having a few thousand animated objects in the scene at once has a bit of a performance hit (the game runs in editor at around 400 – 500 fps, with the animated fans I was running the game at around 20). Also the fans looked awful as simple boxes with equal spacing between them. It’s something I’m going to revisit in the future, but for the time being there will be no adoring fans in the crowd.

For 1.3 I hope to add control rebinding, different pitches, audio, and ideally the crowd. This will all of course depend on how testing later this week goes. And who knows, maybe some of these features will sneak in before the play-test.