The Magneatos – Student Project

Project Description

The Magneatos was a single player co-op puzzle game where you have to cooperate with yourself! The player controls two magnetically charged robots (named Mag and Levi of course) that can rotate around to repulse or attract one another. The player uses this mechanic to progress through a series of obstacles, eventually helping the robots escape the laboratory through an open window.

Project Details

Date April 1st 2016
Skills Game Design, Programming & Level Design

Magnetic Mechanic

Both robots feature positive and negative sides, and the player can flip the direction that these forces are pointing in. If both robots are pointing the same force at each other they move further apart – if they are pointing different forces, they move closer together.

Adorable Robots

Mag and Levi are mischievous little robots who aspire to escape their home through an open window while their overbearing creators are out on lunch.

Skipable Dialogue

While some players love to read, others are more interested in playing – we were able to accommodate both.

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