Impact – Game Design Thesis

Project Description

Impact was my Game Design postgraduate thesis project. The concept was a post-apocalyptic top-down car combat game with random loot mechanics inspired by the Diablo series. I contributed heavily to the programming, design, and art direction of the project. My partner on the project was Eric Oldfield-Rojas.

Project Details

Date August 21st 2016
Skills Game Design, Programming, Creative Direction & Audio

Inventory System

A fully functional inventory system with loot that had randomized features and stats. Players could find golden gatling guns, rusty rockets, and chrome wheels to customize their car with.


Each mission has a unique entrance and exit cinematic offering a up close and personal view of the world of Impact.

Top-Down Car Combat

The player independently controls the steering of their car and the weapons they have equipped, allowing them a great deal of options for dispatching foes.

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